shea butter with seeds

Q. What is all that going to do for me, the user?

A. Because of its rich content of fatty acids, Nilotica shea butter is one of the best moisturisers (and massage oils!) nature has to offer. Feel the hydration and see the brightening of your skin almost immediately. 

nuts 'n' oils Stretch mark pic
Q. Can shea butter reduce the appearance of stretch-marks, wrinkles and dark spots?

A. Short answer, yes. Try it for a few weeks and write us about your experience. Shea helps rejuvenate skin cells and even-out skin tone natural treatments for the enhancement of all complexions and skin types

nuts 'n' oils Hair care

Q. Shea Butter for my hair?

A. Think of nilotica as a hair food that grows on trees. Along with being a hair softener, a good shea butter can be applied to moisturise your scalp and prevent flakiness and itching. Some people use shea butter as a hair gel, or to keep frizz down. Shea butter is good for all hair types; apply according to yours.

nuts 'n' oils sunburnt

Q. Gotten a bit sun burnt, or even frostbitten?

A. Shea butter, with a natural content of SPF 6-10, also protects you from sun exposure compared to not wearing any sunscreen at all shea butter is a great healer.  

nuts 'n' oils skin irritation

nuts 'n' oils acne and pimples

Q. Can it work on skin irritations? 

Shea butter, with its anti-inflammatory properties, relieves eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, insect bites, minor wounds & burns. 

Q. Super-dry skin?

A. Give shea a shot, it will change your life.

Q. Skin feeling tired?

A. Shea butter will wake it up!

nuts 'n' oils happy baby

Q. Can you rub it on your baby?

A. Yes, yes, absolutely yes, it’s wonderful for babies. Shea nourishes their delicate skin with vitamins and helps prevent diaper rash.

Q. What’s Nilotica shea butter?

A. Scientifically known as Vitellaria nilotica, this species grows in the River Nile region of Northern Uganda. It is a cousin of its West African counterpart, V. paradoxa.

Q. What’s the difference between Nilotica and others?

A. Nilotica is prized for being naturally richer in vitamins A,E,F,K and anti-oxidants, and therefore has higher healing properties. Nilotica is creamier due to its higher content of olein, an essential fatty acid

Q. What are the different ways shea butter processed and why is that important to me?

A. The supply is generally not organic and is called hexane to remove the scent towards “refining” the product. Hexane also allows processors to extract more of the oils from each shea nut, which helps bring down the cost per kg. Note that hexane is considered dangerous for the environment and has potential health threats to humans.

Q. How important is the concentration of Shea butter in my product?

A. The higher the shea content, the greater the benefits. As a marketing technic, commercially blended, big-brand skincare products will claim shea butter on their label but few percent is added in each batch, which is really insufficient. Nut 'n' oils is however, sourced from Northern Uganda is a 100% shea and processed by a cold-press method without burning away its intrinsic benefits recognised by NOP USDA, confirms our stated process and organic quality.